Digital Banking Imperatives

BankShift Promo Video – Financial Institutions As 2024 approaches its mid-point, we face a digital banking landscape filled with uncertainty. Much like in 2023, the economy is sending mixed signals: inflation is not declining, interest rates remain high, and various economic indicators suggest a potential slowdown on the horizon. We look forward to what we […]

Patent-Pending for BankShift

BankShift Unveils Non-Provisional Patent-Pending Innovation to Revolutionize Embedded Banking within Popular Brands. We’re thankful for our inventors; Rob Thacher, David Hijirida, Jira Vinyoopongphan, Aaron Sarazan, Brian Sunter & Phil Oliver. BankShift, the emerging leader in digital banking solutions with popular brands, proudly announces a significant milestone in the realm of embedded banking: the attainment of […]