Transforming Banking Experiences

Transforming banking experiences is a must to remain relevant in this digital economy. At BankShift, we understand the challenges of feeling stuck with limited control over your vendors and data. We’ve been there, and our team of experienced professionals from top financial institutions has successfully navigated these hurdles. Our digital-first, data-driven transformation solutions empower you […]

Digital Banking Imperatives

BankShift Promo Video – Financial Institutions As 2024 approaches its mid-point, we face a digital banking landscape filled with uncertainty. Much like in 2023, the economy is sending mixed signals: inflation is not declining, interest rates remain high, and various economic indicators suggest a potential slowdown on the horizon. We look forward to what we […]

Patent-Pending for BankShift

BankShift Unveils Non-Provisional Patent-Pending Innovation to Revolutionize Embedded Banking within Popular Brands. We’re thankful for our inventors; Rob Thacher, David Hijirida, Jira Vinyoopongphan, Aaron Sarazan, Brian Sunter & Phil Oliver. BankShift, the emerging leader in digital banking solutions with popular brands, proudly announces a significant milestone in the realm of embedded banking: the attainment of […]

The BankShift Journey

As Founder of ShiftCents, Inc. (BankShift), I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continued support of our mission. I would like to share how we got here with a story from my childhood curiosity to innovative ventures and the birth of BankShift. Reflecting on my journey, it’s evident that BankShift has transformed […]

Empowering Digital-first Banking

At BankShift, we’re more than just a digital banking platform; we’re your partner in digital transformation. Whether you’re a budding financial institution or an established one, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the digital economy and unlock new growth opportunities. Join us in revolutionizing banking and customer engagement with BankShift. At BankShift, […]

Introducing a Colorful Digital Transformation

We’re thrilled to bring an update on BankShift, and this time, we’ve got an electrifying update to share that’s sure to brighten your day. Get ready to immerse yourself in a spectrum of hues as we unveil our brand-new, vibrant identity—a rainbow of colors that embodies our values and aspirations.   🎨 A Splash of […]