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Thank you for being part of the BankShift journey

BankShift Features

BankShift is a mobile financial health
dashboard that enables people to manage
their U.S. financial and coinbase accounts
in one place, to reduce financial stress.


Link your existing U.S. financial and coinbase accounts


We never share your information and use banking level security for privacy


We use government identification and facial matching to get to know people


Securely move money between your accounts



Send and receive money from your financial accounts


Send and receive money from your coinbase account


Save money by finding better terms and pricing


Improve your credit visibility with smart financial decisions

The Experience

One login, one app, one,
easy-to-use money movement experience.

Why BankShift?

We feel like managing your money should be safe and easy, no matter where you are or who you bank with. Poised as the solution to multiple logins, expensive transfers, and disparate user experiences across financial institution apps, BankShift puts it all together while protecting data and privacy.

You may not need another Bank account, just a different experience. Connect your existing banks, credit cards, loans, investments and coinbase accounts. Start saving money by finding better terms and gain credit visibility.

BankShift is also unwed to a financial institution. This allows community banks, credit unions and fintechs to benefit from brand prominence and product advertising, within BankShift and the financial marketplace.

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BankShift Introduction Video

Application Pricing

Start saving money, gain credit
visibility and be applauded when
smart money decisions are made.




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"A one stop shop is the best way to describe what BankShift is when it comes to managing my finances. I no longer have to have a dedicated app for each institution I have an account with. BankShift not only provides an overview of all my accounts but even allows me to transact between the various accounts at different institutions! Plus, the sleek design and user experience really shows that BankShift put the users' wants and needs first. Can't recommend it enough!"
Jira / Engineer

"Being a personal finance junkie, always trying to optimize my savings rate and get a few extra points on my credit score, I needed a holistic view of my finances. While other apps gave me that perspective, I continually found myself logging in and out of accounts to move my money in order to stay on target. Enter BankShift -- one clean, user-interface to not only view, but transfer, pay, and trade between all my accounts via a seamless and secure experience. Highly recommended!"
Neil / CDO

"I've always been looking for an app that can manage all of my accounts from one place. I am a product manager and I am very impressed with BankShift's ability that allows me to view all of my financial institutions and even Coinbase account details from the same app. BankShift has made my life much easier by enabling me to transfer money between any of my accounts within the same app."
Omeid / Product Manager

About Us

ShiftSense, Inc. is a financial technology company that was founded to make people’s lives easier. We’ve seen the way people struggle to manage their financial and coinbase accounts and we want to simplify and improve that experience. Our flagship product, BankShift delivers one login, one app, one, easy-to-use money movement experience. Once connected, we help people save money while gaining credit visibility and celebrate when people make smart money decisions. 

Our founders and team have a combined 50+ years of experience building innovative technologies and business operations like credit monitoring, money apps, three-factor mobile authentication, open-source, engineering, design, architecture, security, governance, software controls, scale and resiliency for a few of the top 5 Banks in the United States.

We’re passionate about leveraging technology to keep community banks, credit unions and businesses connected to their customers and keep customers connected to their financial and coinbase accounts. We’re your friendly neighborhood fintech, where we only leverage financial data for the benefit of the customer to help save money and increase credit visibility.