About Us

Humans Trying To Do Good

Human growth mindsets are a must these days. We tend to work with like-minded humans that are passionate about our purpose and planet.

Passionate about People and Purpose

Our Mission

To create a connected ecosystem of nodes with financial sustainability while empowering people to manage their finances for human behavior success.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every brand has access to innovative, high-quality fintech products and revenues while reducing risk to banks.

From The Founder

I've had a diverse range of experiences that have brought me to where I am today. Being a Boy Scout, a father, a U.S. veteran, a banking technology executive, and a fintech founder are just a few of the achievements that I'm proud to have earned and am ready to put it all together for next phase. This time, I'm bringing reinforcements."

I am a founder at heart, passionate about using modern technology to build large-scale products and platforms that solve real customer problems. With a focus on delivering key outcomes, fostering a frictionless culture, and building amazing teams, I have scaled and optimized mission-driven businesses across a range of industries.

I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to succeed:

I have successfully scaled software products from zero to 20M customers, always keeping the customer at the forefront of my work.

I am driven by missions that inspire me and have a gut instinct for execution, while also seeking out data to inform my decisions.

I have a talent for aligning and leading world-class development teams of all sizes, cultivating passion and bringing together diverse perspectives from design, product, engineering, marketing, sales, finance, and business.

As a lifelong learner, I continuously educate, refine, and challenge myself to be a better human while making higher-quality decisions.

Our History

The BankShift brand was established to help people manage their financial and coinbase accounts in one place. Now that we have battle tested our real-time payments user experience for 20 months, we're now extending that experience to business to remain relevant in an ever changing economy.

  1. Yep! bankshift.com acquired

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    Purchasing a domain for your brand can take some time. When you actually get the domain, it's such a great feeling to name your creation.

  2. Launched our website

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    As a founder, this is the best feeling to see the face of your newborn creation. It's always a start to build, measure and learn on.

  3. Launched our consumer product

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    When your newborn creation grows up and makes a public appearance. You've become attached at this point, in a founders journey.

  4. Market tested 2500 users

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    Market tested real-time payments user experience and design (UX/UI) for 18 months during a pandemic and down market in the U.S.

  5. Team size increased to 13

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    March back into battle when the timing is right and it feels like you're trying to keep up with the demand as it flows to you vs. trying to control it.

  6. Here's to solving problems

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    May we tackle problems together with strong people that work hard to communicate and solve them.