It’s a special day for the team at BankShift, as we celebrate the company’s 2nd birthday.  We’ve come a long way over the years, so we wanted to share and celebrate with everyone.

Have you ever used Mint?  Or another app to tie all your accounts together?  How often do you look at it?  Did it tell you something useful?  Exactly…  We want to pull your data together and help you do something with it.  We aim to be more than an aggregator and certainly not an aggravator. Originally founded in 2020, BankShift launched the first mobile application that connects traditional financial and Coinbase accounts, providing instant access to all your finances – crypto, too.

BankShift uses government ID and biometrics to verify your identity. This allows you to not only view your finances but take action and move money all from one app. Bankshift provides a marketplace of financial products to help you earn and save money by finding better terms. We put your financial data to work for you!

The team was originally involved in startups, banking, fintech and mobile. We used all of our combined skills and partnership with Kunai to co-develop BankShift, from start to release. Our joint fintech missions and passion resulted in a product that focuses on people over pockets (POP culture!) propelling the business through not one, but two years of a pandemic.

Some of our bragging rights include:

  • Woman owned and operated
  • Veteran owned and operated
  • Well-known founders from a top five U.S. bank 
  • First mover for financial and Coinbase accounts in one place
  • Leveraging financial data for the benefit of the customer
  • Team with prior startup experience
  • Founder with prior exit experience
  • Zero trust onboarding
  • BankShift trademark
  • Friendly Neighborhood Fintech trademark

We want to thank all of our users. We’re working on our next wave of change and cant wait to share it with you. From the bottom or our heart, Thank you! Without you, how would we know what to build next?

Happy Birthday, BankShift!

About ShiftSense, Inc. 

ShiftSense, Inc. is a financial technology company that was founded to make people’s lives easier. We’ve seen the way people struggle to manage their financial accounts and crypto wallets and we want to simplify and improve that experience. Our flagship product, BankShift, enables people to manage their existing U.S. financial accounts and Coinbase crypto wallets in one place. No new bank account required. Once connected, we help people save money, gain credit visibility and celebrate when people make smart money decisions. Please visit for more information.

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