Are you looking for a simple way to move your money? BankShift by ShiftSense, Inc. announces the release of our latest feature updates for the iOS platform v1.3.4. This update unites transfers and payments into one, easy-to-use experience allowing you to simply shift money. Our aim is to reduce the anxiety of managing your money by enabling people to manage their financial accounts and crypto wallets in one place.

BankShift is not just about shifting control of financial relationships to one experience; it’s about continuously improving that experience and removing obstacles in digital banking while protecting data and privacy. BankShift isn’t a bank. We strive to not compromise people’s banking relationships, so there is no need to open a new bank account to use our app. Bring your existing accounts with you. You may not need another Bank, just a different experience.

Bankshift Money Mover subscription is $8.99/mo. in the Apple App Store allowing transfers and payments from your existing linked bank accounts, with no standard transaction fees and a free one month trial.

About ShiftSense, Inc. 

The ShiftSense team’s years of developing fintech solutions naturally led them to a solution that brings together financial institutions and people in a simple, secure and technologically forward-thinking way. In today’s world, people need a way to manage finances virtually. Not only does the BankShift solution connect people to their disparate financial accounts, it brings opportunities for financial institutions to broaden their reach and deepen their relationships.

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