Dear BankShifters,

When I vowed to defend our country against enemies, foreign and domestic, I never imagined I’d, one day, do that with a financial services company. Then, when the pandemic hit and over 75% of financial services firms were also hit with a surge of cyber-attacks, I realized my military background and years of tech experience could bring about a new defense. And, that’s where BankShift comes in.

I had a similar calling after 9/11. With a great team of developers and security experts, I led them to create a mobile security application that allowed the use of the FIPS 140-2 standard (AES-256 Bit), almost a decade before commercial adoption. That company was acquired. Fast forward to 2020, with new enemies on the front and citizens’ privacy and financial security at risk, I felt compelled to take action.

“I, Robert Thacher, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Those words I swore upon entering the U.S. military have not changed. BankShift was born in 2020 not only to protect consumers’ privacy and data but bring day-to-day simplicity to their digital banking experience. Gone are the days of logging into many accounts to just make simple transactions.

BankShift’s mission is not just about shifting control of financial relationships to one experience; it’s about protecting the data and privacy of every-day people by not allowing fraudsters on our platform and continuously improving our already streamlined experience. We want to connect consumers to their finances and keep fraudsters out.

Moving money between accounts, sending and receiving payments, and keeping informed about account activity are simple, easy and stress-free with BankShift. When we bring on new customers, we get to know them. We want our platform to be an easy-to-use, stress-free way to manage finances. Through deep security protocols and encryption, consumers safely transact with real people and vetted partners.

My mission hasn’t changed over the years. At my core, I’m beholden to my community, my country and to using technology to bring about positive change, without compromising security and privacy. At BankShift, we’re improving one piece of consumers’ lives that can be vulnerable, but it doesn’t have to be.

Rob Thacher
President, CEO

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